Credit Hire

Credit Hire


QC Law Solicitors understand the perspective of the Credit Hire Company and the innocent motor accident victim. For the Credit Hire Company, providing the victim with a vehicle so they can continue their day-to-day lives is paramount, but we also understand that cash flow and expertise in expeditiously recovering credit hire charges are equally as important factors. For the innocent victim of the accident, we understand that this is a very difficult time, as some of the innocent victims involved in the accident require a motor vehicle to carry on with trade whether that’s needing a vehicle to commute to work or needing a vehicle to carry on working as a taxi driver.

In this ever-evolving perplexing area of law we are committed to providing a high quality expert service both to the victim and the Credit Hire Company, and to look for opportunities to settle cases for the correct figure at an early stage. We have a dedicated experienced and knowledgeable team who provide an expertise robust approach and efficient case strategy towards the recovery of reasonable credit hire charges as efficiently and effectively in every instruction we receive.


Our areas of work include

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  • Taxi Plated Credit Hire
  • Prestige Hire
  • Hire for Social, Domestic and Pleasure purposes.